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Information about Loved Ones

Visiting a loved one in care presents special challenges, especially in the first days and weeks. You are likely to have many questions, concerns, and anxieties about this new chapter in both your lives. Staff are always here to help and to answer your questions as best they can.
The following publications may be of assistance and can be downloaded and viewed or printed.

As you can see, dementia care is a global issue. There are myriad resources from around the world. You may wish to connect to a local support group or seek information from your local chapter of the Alzheimer’s Society of B.C.

Of course, friends and families are anxious to know all about your loved one’s current status and how that may change over time. We understand that questions are asked because people genuinely care about the person and want to help as best they can. Please keep in mind that the Kiwanis Pavilion follows a strict policy of confidentiality regarding our residents. This applies to their medical as well as their personal information. Our care staff may only discuss a resident’s situation with those who are designated. We know you will appreciate our respect for each individual’s privacy

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